Item Name: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 50th Anniversary of the Restoration
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About the Book


Shaker Village: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration is an incredible photographic tribute by David Toczko to the 50th Anniversary of one of Kentucky’s restored historic treasures. Within the nearly 200 glossy pages of this full-color commemorative book, one can take a pictorial walking tour of the Village, beginning at the western edge of the property and moving eastward with the photos taken over a four-year period during every season and nearly every time of day. Informative text was obtained from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and its knowledgeable interpreters. More than 260 stunning color images showcase the historic structures, lifestyle, architecture, culture and scenic beauty of Shaker Village. This large 9” x 12” hardback coffee-table volume will be a lasting testament to the Shaker craftsmanship.

Two hundred years ago, a small group of devotees stood on a hilltop in the rolling Bluegrass section of Kentucky and envisioned heaven on earth, later to be known as Pleasant Hill. Those dreams turned reality grew to more than 500 adult members and 300 structures at its pinnacle in the 19th century. After the Shakers were gone, the buildings and property passed into private hands and changed ownership many times over the next 37 years. Some buildings disappeared, and others fell into varying states of decay and disuse.

Fifty years ago, in 1961, another small group of visionaries led by Earl D. Wallace stood on that same hill and saw not only the grandeur, historical and cultural value that had been, but what may be once again. Thus was born Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and the acquisition, restorations and preservation of the community began.




Praise for Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill…


It is my hope that the stunning photographs in this book will help carry the message of Shaker Village, reminding those who already know about this sublime place and the sustained peace it shelters to return to its hallowed ground for nurturing, and introducing those born into a frantic, hyper-connected world to the timeless values of stillness, singleness of purpose, and presence…”


 — Ashley Judd, Actress and Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Board Member


“In ‘Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill,’ photographer David Toczko provides a contemplative look at one of Kentucky’s historic treasures. His careful use of light, shadow, shape and vibrant colors brings to life the many features which distinguished Shaker craftsmanship many generations ago. Whether looking at the graceful depiction of the winding stairways, a horse grazing on a hillside above a fog-shrouded valley or the shadows of a picket fence, you’ll see a talented photographer’s eye at work in this collection of images that inform, delight and impress.”


— John W. Snell, Photographer & Author of ‘Red River Gorge,

The Eloquent Landscape’




About The Photographer



David Toczko is a long-time Kentucky resident and a Western Kentucky University graduate. His interest in photography began in 1985 and has grown from a passionate hobby to a career as a freelance, commercial photographer. His work is internationally published and has been acclaimed for its richness and depth of color, texture and clarity. His artistic vision is to create photographs with both visual and emotional impact. Recent efforts are focused in his signature style of low light/natural light, which adds a dimension not always found in the studio. His first book, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration, was published in 2010 by Acclaim Press and received an ADDY Award for its design.

David is a juried member of the Visual Arts with the Kentucky Arts Council as well as the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, an Official Kentucky Derby Archive Team Photographer and a Louisville Ballet Archive Photographer.  His works have appeared in both national and international magazines, catalogs and publications.






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