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About the Book


South Union Shaker Village is an incredible photographic tribute by David Toczko to one of Kentucky’s historic treasures. Within these beautiful pages, one can take a pictorial walking tour of the Village, capturing every season and nearly every time of day. More than 250 stunning color images showcase the historic structures, lifestyle, architecture, culture and scenic beauty of South Union Shaker Village.

Located a short drive west of Bowling Green, Kentucky, the South Union Shaker Village was a thriving community from 1807-1922. Although the settlement was in disuse for several decades, several original buildings have been restored and now house a fine museum of Shaker artifacts, with educational tours and activities to document the Shaker way of life throughout the 19th century.

Each book is a large 9x12-inch, hardbound "coffee-table" volume with more than 200 pages, printed in full-color on durable glossy paper for superior photo reproduction, a lasting testament to Shaker craftsmanship. For those who have already toured the Village, this book will serve as a source of reflection and fond remembrance of their visit.



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Praise for South Union Shaker Village…



"Engaging photos of less seen parts of South Union add to stunning qualities of the buildings and Shaker fields."

                   — Edith Bingham, Glenview, Kentucky


"David Toczko has once again captured not only the substance, but also the spirit of his topic in an elegant way, just as he did for his book about the Maker’s Mark distillery. His photos of Shaker Village are beautiful and soulful, telling an eloquent story about a fascinating slice of Kentucky history. It’s a privilege to experience this iconic setting through the eye of a true artist.”


— Rob Samuel, Chief Operating Officer

Maker’s Mark Distillery



“When photographers visit historic sites today they are often confronted by an environment created by staff members who act as decorators as much as historians. With kudos to David Toczko for his artistic and technical skills, the care with which the South Union Shakers’ home has been preserved, restored, and furnished allowed him the opportunity to create both beautiful pictures and a historical document.”

Jerry V. Grant, Director of Collections and Research,
Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon



"The Shaker village at South Union, Kentucky is a unique and magical place. The rural setting and silent majesty of the Centre Family Dwelling comprise a timelessly serene environment. David Toczko’s photographs capture all the beauty created by the Shakers at South Union, beauty that weathered the full horror of the Civil War. Thankfully, as these images show, museum staff have picked up where the Shakers left off in preserving this jewel."

Christian Goodwillie
Director/Curator of Special Collections
Burke Library, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York



“South Union has a remarkable history that is often overlooked. David's photography captures both the essence of the physical history that defines South Union, together with images that document the remarkable preservation of the site. The images are beautiful, at times playful, and a poignant reminder of a South Union's past.”

Sharon Duane Koomler, Author and Shaker scholar,
East Chatham, New York


“If you enjoyed David Toczko’s photography in his recent books, “Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration” and “The Ambassador of Bourbon: Maker’s Mark and the Rebirth of America’s Native Spirit,” you’ll love his latest one.  In “South Union Shaker Village,” Toczko continues his mastery of documenting and showcasing Kentucky’s historic landmarks.  Whether it’s the graceful Shaker architecture, the antique furniture, the old-fashioned items of clothing or geometric shadows of wrought iron on aging steps, he captures it with excellence.”


— John Snell, Photographer


“David Toczko's use of natural light captures the honesty of his subjects, while remembering that shadows enhance the depth of their personalities, even those of still-life characters. The essence of story-telling is spoken through his lens and we are compelled to listen, believe that history is clearly present in the imagery that breathes itself to life upon each and every page.”


— Sheri L. Wright, Poet/Writer/Photographer






About The Photographer



David Toczko is a long-time Kentucky resident and a Western Kentucky University graduate. His interest in photography began in 1985 and has grown from a passionate hobby to a career as a freelance, commercial photographer. His work is internationally published and has been acclaimed for its richness and depth of color, texture and clarity. His artistic vision is to create photographs with both visual and emotional impact. Recent efforts are focused in his signature style of low light/natural light, which adds a dimension not always found in the studio. His first book, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration, was published in 2010 by Acclaim Press and received an ADDY Award for its design. His second book, The Ambassador of Bourbon: Maker’s Mark and the Rebirth of America’s Native Spirit, was published in 2012 by Acclaim Press and features more than 250 photographs of the Maker’s Mark Distillery and grounds in Loretto, Kentucky, and also received an ADDY Award for book design.

David is a juried member of the Visual Arts with the Kentucky Arts Council, an Official Kentucky Derby Archive Team Photographer, a Louisville Ballet Archive Photographer, and a member of the Professional Photographers of America. His Shaker photographs and other works have appeared in both national and international magazines, catalogs and publications, including the Shaker Workshops Catalogs. His photographs are exhibited in galleries and shows throughout Kentucky, and have been selected to appear at the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda, the Senate Office of the Kentucky State Capitol Annex, and the Kentucky First Lady’s Office.





All original content and images. Copyright © David Toczko. All rights reserved worldwide.